Dear SaaSOps Engr...,

You are not the Villain! — You know it, they know it, EVERYONE KNOWS!!

Culled from BetterCloud Monitor Article — Have you heard of SaaSOps Professionals? …


That frustrated user who's dubbed you one? ( — a Villain)
He's just crushed cuz he's missed some deadline(s).

The seemingly neutral, yet persistent user who won't stop prosecuting?
She's dabbled in too deep and probably messed things up in an attempt to fix.

The one who seizes every “prosecution” moment to teach you something/someway "better"? — As if he'd been waiting on such a moment?
Yea, He's just cocky.

The one who'd ring you up on all mediums, send messages and then go on to post (aka prosecute) on general channels/platforms? (all within minutes too)
She's just bossy - probably overwhelmed.

The ones with the concerned Line Manager (who may not have the full context) reaching out to your Line Manager with the prosecuting note?
Those are probably just timid - definitely under a lot of pressure too.

The self-acclaimed "Expert" who'd always boldly point out the supposed flaws and how it's actually unproductive to have those measures set up in the first place?
Yea, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

On the flip side

The actual Expert, who has indeed spotted a flaw, drawing from her previous experience in your role capacity.
She has simply been in your shoes before.

The one who calmly dubs you one because she has a valid reason to, one she's done a fairly good job discerning.
She's simply astute and exasperated.

And finally! 😁
The one who'd barge in on a fine beautiful morning with some bogus claim/theory, oblivious to the fact that his claim cannot be possible? (we all have one of those 🤭 )
He's just devious.

So he/she's dubbed you a Villain?

Relax, everyone knows you're not. 🙂

You have simply been posed a problem by one who has been at the receiving end of it.

He/she has just been through a “series of unfortunate events” ( pun intended 😁 ). It surely hasn't been a pleasant experience.

In trying to air their grievances, they lash out — humans tend to do so under such circumstances.

Understanding this basic truth would help you navigate such scenarios by reinforcing your resolution to pay no heed to the prosecuting part and focus solely on the issue at hand all the while maintaining the empathy front!

Classic examples of these scenarios include the following:

Some automated workflow fails (for some reason); stakeholders have been blocked and now they want your head.

A new SaaS feature (say 2FA) has just been rolled out, and even though massive comms and guides were sent out prior, a shocking number of folks can't log in and they come for your head.

Some folk has been blocked out of some system because he/she has failed (refused) to comply — although there were various reminders and subtle warnings prior, he comes for your head.

And the worst - someone just got disabled.🤕

Sometimes, it is indeed your (team’s) fault.

Dear SaaSOps Engineer.,

Whenever you find yourself here, do not fret, do not get rattled, do not let it get to you.

Just relax, go to your happy place (figuratively of course), and calmly address the situation viz:

-Put on your empathy Cape.
-Ask questions to gather details and eliminate variables.
-Respect his/her additional expressed view/opinion.
-If wrong, gently point out how/why
-Be sure to play on a level field while explaining - don't assume everyone knows!
-Now explain the current situation — how it happened, why it happened, what should have happened, and what's to be done.
-Proceed to resolve.

No matter the situation…
you mustn't lose your cool!
you mustn't take on the defensive stance!! and
you must solve or alleviate the problem!!!

Stay empathic, chirpy, and elegant!

My LinkedIn ID

Remember… You are doing well!




Assc. Cloud Automation Engr. — SaaSOPs’ @GreenlightPlant | Ex @Andela | Swimming Superstar | Haute Couture Enthusiast | Modelling ‘Walter Mitty’

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Ammie Penn

Ammie Penn

Assc. Cloud Automation Engr. — SaaSOPs’ @GreenlightPlant | Ex @Andela | Swimming Superstar | Haute Couture Enthusiast | Modelling ‘Walter Mitty’

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